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My mother has told me that my first word was, "why," and my first sentence was, "What's that?"  Needless to say, I was full of questions.  Still am, tho I wonder sometimes (See?!) if it is so that I can gather information or just so I can be "right."  Either way, on this blog I have asked many questions, found some answers, but uncovered even more questions.  Like, What's it all about?

I still don't know what it's ALL about, but I do know what chunks of this puzzle may be.  As I considered my last post with friends, both face to face and online, it seems that community is one of those chunks.

I have been blessed, not just with grace, but with an amazing group of women around me.  It would be easy to downplay the significance, yet I know how lonely life can be without people to walk alongside you.  Altho my mind wastes time gnawing on the "big" questions, I find God has a way of keeping me grounded.  While I wonder what I should d…