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Armchair QB - Desiring What I Have

Football season doesn't officially begin until next week, but since I am back at the blog, I figured I would resurrect a fun series, "Armchair QB."  In case you don't know, armchair quarterback (QB) is an American idiom for someone who offers advice or criticizes something but never shows that they could do any better. I do not seek to criticize the messages discussed here but instead I desire to interact with the text and the message, pulling it apart, wrestling with it, and occasionally offering a different perspective.
This Sunday we focused on Exodus 20:17... “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Seems simple enough, right? Pretty much just want what is yours and don't desire the life of your neighbor.  I think I have that down.  I don't want a different house because one of my friends has it.  I don't want someo…

Starting Again, in the Dark

If you have followed me before, you no doubt see the blog looks a lot different.  Perhaps I will sound different, too.  That is because there has been some strange things happening in my life. After 3 years, I finally graduated with my college degree from Eastern Mennonite University.  While this is a good change, it was still a drastic change.  I didn't have the same schedule anymore.  The moorings of school assignments, peers, and expectations were cut, and I floated aimlessly.  Who was I now?  What would be my next goal?  Was I even on the right track-being who I was meant to be?  I had been working 3 part time jobs during my time in school for flexibility but now that work schedule was overwhelming.  The work was never done.  Every boss needed more from me.  My husband wanted more from me.  Even I wanted more for me.  But I was frantic, empty, and ready to crash. So in true to me fashion, I chose to turn my life upside down. I pursued ONE full-time position in order to be abl…