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What to Do?

We are doing a series at Hope on choices.  You can catch up here if you want since I have not been keeping up with the Armchair QB lately

In our series, we have talked about those cool moments when God says "go and..." "Ananias, go meet up with Saul who is expecting you.  Oh, yeah, that's the one, the crazy fanatic who has been killing Christians." "Peter, go eat dinner with that Cornelius. Yeah, he is a gentile. So?"

Along the way, well, actually through out my life, there has been this question, "What does God want out of me?"  Not in this begrudging sense of giving my 10% if I haaave too, but a deep desire to participate in what God is doing, his rescue-his passion to heal and mend our brokenness.  I wanted to do great things for God, like St Francis or Mother Teresa or Father Damien.  I knew God was calling me to something, but the direction was less clear.

In my childlike faith, I called out as Samuel (1 Samuel 3:10), "Speak, for …

Externally Focused

Today I bought a book.  A child's book that tells the story of Mother Teresa, a heroine of mine growing up.  In the book, I found these verses:

Jesus is the word-to be spoken. Jesus is the truth-to be told. Jesus is the way-to be walked. Jesus is the light-to be lit. Jesus is the life-to be lived. Jesus is the love-to be loved. Jesus is the joy-to be shared. Jesus is the sacrifice-to be offered. Jesus is the peace-to be given. Jesus is the bread of life-to be eaten. Jesus is the hungry-to be fed. Jesus is the thirsty-to be satiated. Jesus is the naked-to be clothed. Jesus is the homeless-to be taken in. Jesus is the sick-to be healed. Jesus is the lonely-to be loved. Jesus is the unwanted-to be wanted. Jesus is the leper-to wash his wounds. Jesus is the beggar-to give him a smile. Jesus is the drunkard-to listen to him. Jesus is the mentally ill-to protect him. Jesus is the little one-to embrace him. Jesus is the blind-to lead him. Jesus is the dumb-to speak for him. Jesus is the crippled-to walk with hi…

Culture Wars

So last Wednesday was "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" which was construed by many to be: "Conservative-Chicken-Eating-Christian Night Out."But was it?  Was that what it was about-hating gays, hating liberals, hate speech, condoning discrimination?  Was it about supporting freedom of speech, supporting conservative values, supporting a business that is honest enough to tell you what it values?
Tearing down or building up?  Which is it?

The world doesn't care.                        The world doesn't see us care.

                                               The world sees us hating them.

Is that your goal as a follower of Jesus?  The reason that I support Chick-Fil-A is because I do not appreciate the intolerant accusing others of intolerance.  I get kind of caught up in the injustice of it, the hypocrisy of it.  And, if you aren't following me, I mean the liberal intolerant accusing the conservative Christians of intolerance.
But can we really c…