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Open the ears of my Heart

I have been reading Yancey's Rumors of Another World lately and it has created a new layer to my senses. I still understand the world thru the input of my 5 senses-sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch-but I am more aware of the upper and lower, the shading and tint, the here and the There. I know, intellectually (?) for me, that there exists a world beyond this physical dimension. I forget it easily tho, wrapped up in the physical world with all its demands and pressures and distractions. But when I am tuned into the spiritual realm, well, it is amazing the echo which resonates that I may not be able to distinguish naturally.

I was talking to a friend about a conference she really wanted to go to. She was so frustrated that things seemed to be working out only to crash shortly after, so she threw out one final attempt, a very reasonable one, and called for a little support. We talked about surrender and acceptance and the history of care we have experienced thru our Higher Power. Wh…

Chicken vs. Egg?

Jesus didn’t come to give us nice rules for living. A lot of people go to church for rules-this style of living that gives boundaries which create a sense of freedomfor some while suffocating others. Unfortunately, that shouldn’t be Jesus’ legacy. His message was love-loving God, loving our neighbor, loving our enemy, loving each other as ourselves. And, oh, how much harder are those things than following a bunch of rules!
How do I love God with all my heart when I am caught up in making money to pay bills in this one? How do I love God with all my mind when it drifts here and there restlessly? How do I love God with all my strength when I am such a feeble creature? How can I love my neighbor if I don’t know her name because I never take the time to communicate more than a cursory nod of greeting? How can I love my neighbor when I am stuck on how they hate me? How can I love you if I barely can love myself?
Not using profanity, refraining from drugs and alcohol, going to ch…