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Just thinking....

Church was supposed to be cancelled. The ice storm that swept thru the area had left the building without electricity. But we didn’t know this. We had spent the day watching the Miami Dolphins win (finally!) and playing with the pups. In the Lancaster area we only received rain with heavy winds so it didn’t occur to me to check WGAL for cancellations or even my voice mail where 2 friends had left messages.

Significant ice accumulation and large fallen branches, as well as the yellow flashing lights of PP&L trucks working on downed lines, greeted us as we crossed under the turnpike. The closer we got to the church, the more doubtful it looked that there would be any service. The dark church confirmed it.

Since we were in the Hershey area and so close to friends who also weren’t going to be at church, we gave them a call joking, “Hey, we’re coming over to your house!” We were surprised to be invited to join a small group that was already gathering. And we thought there wasn’t going t…

First Day of School

Ahh, the first day of school. Long pencils, stiff book spines, new erasers....I always loved the first day of school. Today, however, I had more anxiety than excitement.

What if they all know more than me? The other students have been thru at least 2 years of bible college already...2 years more than me. Yeah, they probably do know more than me!

What if I can't find my class? I did a drive-by earlier, and then I was LATE for class!!! LOL

The topic seems silly. I think of the broad scope of needs and wonder if there is relevance in the discussion of the role of women in the church? And yet, what I have learned so far really does have significance for me. Yes, much of what I have learned is from being a nerd and reading my textbook ahead of time or just watching for this topic to come up, but I have begun to see how deep it is. Perhaps it isn't so silly a topic-just an uncomfortable one.

As a child, I wanted to be in the ministry. My grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher. I…

Amazing Grace

Thanks to Maggie W. for today's AsWeSeeIt:
My worst days are never so bad that I am beyond the REACH of God's grace.

And my best days are never so good that I am beyond the NEED of God's grace.

Hide and seek

Ok, so maybe I am a complete goober, but God plays this game with me. I get to this place of feeling alone and this prayer sort of rises in the back of my throat...Dude, am I in the right place, am I really doing what you want me to do? Where are you? And, tho many may have a problem with me referring to the Almighty as "dude," He apparently doesn't mind the lack of formality since He tends to show up in this toe curling, get down on your knees and weep, way for me: grace.

Duh, you say? Yeah, probably not what you are thinking. I mean, a song about grace, an action of grace, a word of grace, GRACE! He has an awesome sense of humor.

I was at my sister's church this past Sunday and, well, it was nice enough, but just different. Ok, it really started off bland, to be honest. And then, sweet Jesus, just as I felt the prayer forming in my mind-I was knocked over with GRACE GRACE GRACE!!! (God is really an overachiever when it comes to this, if you haven't been blessed …