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Circling Grace

I imagined for years that I was a lone wolf, a nomad without allegiance or alliance. It was a safe and rebellious way of life. I needn't follow your rules or be disappointed by you. But I was very wrong.
The past 2 Sundays have been devoted to the need for relationship. At first, I was repelled by the idea. I don't need circles. I have a couple people who I am willing to rely on, in a pinch, but a circle sounded like overcommitment to an idea which would eventually lead to annoyances. In fact, I found the image above, a Reuleaux triangle to be my personal "shape." Rebellious, remember?
Recently, however, well for several months now, I have been struggling with back and leg pain. It has caused me difficulty walking, severe pain, the need for medication, and now I have opted for surgery in hope of relief. As I have struggled through this time, I have spent lots of time in prayer and meditation. I have cried and cursed over this pain. I have had to rely on others, howe…