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What's it all about?

A few years ago, my husband and I were very involved in serving at church-literally, since we made coffee and did hospitality stuff.  This opportunity gave us purpose, got us connected, made us visible, and grew us in ways I didn't expect for something as benign as hospitality.  Unfortunately, our community, the evening service, began to decline and there was talk of the church not offering it anymore.  Around the same time, my husband took a night shift job and would need to sleep at the time of the evening service.  After considering everything, we made the decision to leave and go to a morning service.  Leaving our connections, not just in terms of people, but also commitment, left us feeling disconnected.  Since we have been disconnected, I can't help but ask what is the point of all this anyway?

Perhaps I have allowed myself to get a little TOO disconnected.  About a year after moving to the morning service, we decided to find a closer church and really haven't conne…

Prayer, and Praise, for the Journey

The LORD your God himself will drive them out of your way. He will push them out before you, and you will take possession of their land, as the LORD your God promised you. (Joshua 23:5 NIV)

The past few months have been trying.  Losing my job, looking for a new job & now getting ready to start a new adventure.  Nothing has been very easy, but there hasn't been anything too bad, either.  I cannot say I needed anything I did not have.  I have had opportunities to spend time with people I cared about, to meet new friends, and to rest-emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

But it has also been a time when I have had to walk thru a lot of sadness, frustration and fear.

What if unemployment didn't come through?  What if I couldn't find another job?  What if my husband had a complete cow?  What will I tell a prospective employer?  How would we make it?  Why did it happen at all?  Why couldn't I just be who God wanted me to be?  The fear was overwhelming at times.  Whil…