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What's your theological worldview?

You scored as a Reformed Evangelical
You are a Reformed Evangelical. You take the Bible very seriously because it is God's Word. You most likely hold to TULIP and are sceptical about the possibilities of universal atonement or resistible grace. The most important thing the Church can do is make sure people hear how they can go to heaven when they die.
Reformed Evangelical
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan

Weird...thinking that something as benign as a quiz could clarify ME! LOL

Follower or leader?

Sometimes I get hung up. I get hung up on mean people, intolerant people, injustice, stupidity, jaywalkers, marketing ad nauseum, well, that's the latest list anyway. I am sure I'll be judgemental about something else later today. You see, that is what this hang up thing is about: me making judgements. Some might say we need to judge-judge truth in something, judge trustworthiness of a person, judge wisdom in a plan-that sort of thing. Maybe that is true, but that is not what I find I do. I don't go looking for the positive in a thing, I get hung up on the negative of a thing. Negativity magnet. Pessimist. Brooding. There are words that I used to describe myself. But, over the years, I have been noticing that I find what I look for. If I am searching for the negative, I find it. If I am seeking beauty, I find it. So, judgement depends little on the thing one is looking at, but on the focus of the one looking. Same thing about the company I keep, the books I read…


I am so, so grateful to all the wonderful, loving, amazing people God has placed in my life that have been willing to walk with me this last semester. I asked gobs of questions, often more than once, argued frequently to figure out what I thought, and cried at times. I have been frustrated and astounded, exhausted and exhilarated. But, it is finished. The paper handed in, the books laid aside, the calendar open!