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Who am I?

There is this saying:

I want to be the person my DOG thinks I am.

I always thought it was cute. We have had dogs for most of my life, so I was already aware that dogs loved their people more than we deserve. It didn't matter how long I had been away. It didn't matter if I had the "good" treats. It didn't matter if I was sick and my hair was all ratty. It didn't matter if my heart was broken and tears and snot smeared their fur. Dogs just love us. Sometimes it seems like they can see deeper, into who we really are. ***** I was looking at this little quote earlier in the day, and I kept seeing GOD. I want to deserve all the love and attention of my pups, sure, but the person I want to please most is God. And even as I write those words, all the millions of ways I fall short creep into my consciousness-the angry words spoken hastily that sting, the lack of faith in those uncertain moments, the chickening out when I am put on the spot, the money squirreled away for m…

I'm Pro-Choice

Broken-ness is chosen.

In a recent discussion, a gentleman pointed this out. I was more focused on why the "others" weren't spending time basking in God's Light, than why I was. My broken-ness was a necessary choice for me. I could live no other way as I had come to the end of my ability. "God help me!" was not only my desperate plea, but my white flag-I cannot do life anymore. The pain is too great. The path is too dark. The trail too steep. The baggage too heavy. I put everything aside and sat down to wait, for death or for God. And He showed up in His time, as usual, but who am I to argue? Perhaps there are people who have too much material possessions to know what need feels like. Their bellies are always full. Their extremities are always warm. Their legs are never fatigued, except from working out in the gym. Their vision is adequately corrected. They give to their church and even sponsor a child in Africa. They may even believe in their inherent sinful…

Powerful God

I have a bone to pick with Christians. I want to know what it is with the rules. New people, people we are trying to reach out to about the LOVE of Jesus need to not use profanity, dress modestly, not smoke at the church doors, etc. That just makes me mad. We have a POWERFUL God. He is a God of MIRACLES. What are you AFRAID of???? The sin might jump off of them and onto you like fleas on dogs? What is YOUR spiritual condition? Are YOU actively pursuing God in prayer, in service, in fasting, in joy? Are YOU in love with God OR with your rulebook that makes you better than that poor sinner? Man, Jesus went TO the parties and hung out with them. He didn't tell the whores and the drunks and the gaudy to clean up and meet him at the Mount at 9am. My God is not a magical God. He doesn't go on stage to perform a couple tricks for my benefit to wow me. He does miracles, life CHANGING miracles, because that is WHO HE IS! And I think He gets a kick out of it Himself. An…


Ok, this is just crazy! It has been almost a month since my last post. Yeah, I know I have been working extra and the church has had a few extra things going on and I have found some leaderhip things that I needed to complete, but holy hannah!, if I don't keep on track, the wheels just keep on slipping until I find the car up a tree!!! I know this, and yet....

I am STILL yawning. We got in somewhere between one and two this am from Georgia. Catalyst was an adventure. The ride was an adventure (but I am pretty sure I could pick out the Waffle Houses from the sky Kirk, hint hint). I will get back to Catalyst, maybe later today, but right now I need to get "back" to home. I have laundry to do and trash to take out and pups to pay attention to, not to mention pictures to download. See you soon!