Powerful God

I have a bone to pick with Christians. I want to know what it is with the rules. New people, people we are trying to reach out to about the LOVE of Jesus need to not use profanity, dress modestly, not smoke at the church doors, etc. That just makes me mad. We have a POWERFUL God. He is a God of MIRACLES. What are you AFRAID of???? The sin might jump off of them and onto you like fleas on dogs? What is YOUR spiritual condition? Are YOU actively pursuing God in prayer, in service, in fasting, in joy? Are YOU in love with God OR with your rulebook that makes you better than that poor sinner? Man, Jesus went TO the parties and hung out with them. He didn't tell the whores and the drunks and the gaudy to clean up and meet him at the Mount at 9am. My God is not a magical God. He doesn't go on stage to perform a couple tricks for my benefit to wow me. He does miracles, life CHANGING miracles, because that is WHO HE IS! And I think He gets a kick out of it Himself. Any addict clean for one day knows it is a miracle. The prostitute who kicked her drug habit and is now steadily and legally employed with health benefits knows it is a miracle. These people we are trying to reach out to see the hand of God in their lives, His miracles, EVERYDAY. Do you?

Getting down off my soap box and going to work now. :-)


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