He's Calling

I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up, wanting to write. Those nights are annoying, particularly when I am working 12 hours the next day so I have no business getting out of bed to write. But here is the thing that kept bugging me...what if God is calling us not to greatness, but to smallness?

Yeah, weird thing to keep a person awake, huh?
Our group that went to the Leadership Summit are praying for ways that we can put what we learned into practice. Look around your neighborhood-there is so much need. Look around your coworkers-enough need to depress you. Look around the world-so much need it can paralyze.

And then I think about this thing with callings...
What if it isn't about being called to a thing, but to be like Him? What if it doesn't matter where I am or what I do but how I do it? What if His only desire is for me to respond to this broken world as He does? Right where I am?

Jesus stopped to love the kids, he held up important people to talk to a woman, he noticed a man who climbed a tree, and he washed his friends feet. He could have overthrown the Romans, restored Israel, and set the world right.

What if we started acting like Jesus? Instead of thinking we are called to huge plans, huge buildings, huge job titles, we let Him call us out of who we are. I let Him call me out of the insecure, prideful person I am, and hear the call to be gentle, loving, humble? Can I do that? I know He can effect that change in me...I have so much evidence of all He has changed in my life.

What if my idea of success changes from my income and my retirement plan to how many people who don't know Jesus could really connect with me? To how many people I had the opportunity to love or care for or guide? To how many people I was privileged to introduce to my Father?

I admit it, I have more questions than answers. I am just processing this myself. I don't know if this is where I need to be going or if this is some justification for not going around the world to work in some jungle village with big bugs and horrible humidity. But if we all did that, who would reach out to my neighbors and my coworkers?

Just trying to answer the call.


Jenn :) said…
I think we are all called to do that. If we all focused on what is around us we would make such a better world. Stop worrying about what God is going to say to you. When HE is ready YOU will know. :)
Kasey said…
I love reading your blogs. You always verbilize the questions that I often think to myself, but to shy to ask. (no comments women!) Thank you for inspiring me in thought and through him. You've touched me... =)
Bill G said…
Great post Jaime!!!

I think you are on to something with this line of thinking! I fear that I'm going to spend the rest of my days tring to "hear" from Him and totally miss what he planned.

This would be so much easier if Dad would just inbox me on FB with the plan.
Jaime said…
Jenn, love you dork! I am not worrying. Can't help it when He wakes me up to write.

Kase...I am glad you read. Write anytime! Miss you at work.

Bill-I gotta agree with you, if Dad would just email or FB or txt, it would be soooo much easier. But wouldn't we find a reason to still question? I'm sure I would.
sarah said…
great post. made me think. Sarah
Becky said…
Awesome thots....so glad you got out of bed to get them down....been thinking alot of the same for awhile now and finding in this thinking He's just bigger and more in my thots and hopefully my interactions w/people all the time....leaving the outcome to Him but more and more being loving and honest...and finding the two really DO go together!

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