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I had breakfast yesterday morning with a dear friend who asked me where I see God active in my life. While we have had many conversations about God over the years, I was slightly taken aback. It was a very direct question, even for someone who is renown for her inquiries. But it probably gave me pause even more because I simply wasn't sure of the answer.
God has felt pretty distant lately. I have experienced this before, merely noting that he is on vacation, but when I thought about all the places he could be active: my friends who are struggling, my places of employment, my own all just feels...empty of him. But, I quickly added, he goes on these vacations, and he will be back whenever he sees fit.
At work last evening, I received a call to come to the hospital "now." My son was in a car accident. My coworkers hurried me out the door graciously, and I prayed, asking for my friends to pray, as I drove.
Gratefully, he is stable. The damage to his body is nothing li…