Should We?

So the Occupy movement has even hit our small town/farming community of Lancaster.  It makes me wonder, if we are a global community, is it that tragic being the 99%???  Shouldn't we be working to end the true poverty in the world?  We, who live in the United States, have many advantages such as free education, food stamps, reduced lunches for students, medical assistance programs, food and clothing banks, free or sliding scale medical and dental clinics.  Many, globally, do not have these luxuries.

I am not saying that corporate greed is good.  I think the big companies that take work to 3rd world countries and pay the workers a mere pittance should be held accountable for the harm that they do to both economies.  But as long as we, as consumers/materialists, are willing to buy, well, they are going to be willing to sell and as cheaply as possible.  (And just so you know, the projections for a single shopping day this year, Black Friday, are that an expected 225 million consumers/materialists will spend about $380 each.  You do the math, just for fun, because it blew my mind when I did it.  What if everyone gave up one stinking present that someone will break or forget or tear before the year is out and commit it to helping end poverty? )

For a clearer perspective on the difference between American poverty and poverty experienced in other parts of the world, please, check out this article.  And until we figure out how to make the world better, feel free to occupy.  Just be grateful for all we really have as Americans!


David Rupert said…
Some portions of Occupy make perfect sense. Corporate greed, influence and control are out of hand.

But the real truth comes down to the individual. We are greedy as people, grabbing at all we can.

Giving up just one present ... yes.

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