Sunrise Reflections

I had been looking for a creative outlet when some friends introduced me to blogs. And then some more friends. And then another person-until I finally surrendered and figured I would try it.

So, here I am.

I have been thinking a lot about reflections lately. We got a puppy a little after Christmas and my husband says she is just like her mother, me. Chelsea is a reflection of my personality, maybe because she bonded with me or because I picked a pup that reflected my attitude. A friend yesterday said my son looks exactly like me, a mirror image. Well, I don't agree, but because we share some common DNA, he probably looks more like me than most people on the planet.

And I have been wondering about what I reflect. I want to reflect my beliefs, the things I treasure in my heart, but I am not sure I do that well. I want to be a reflection of God's love to the world, but I think He may have chosen a poor mirror. I envision the cracks and stains on my mirror that causes me to give a very imperfect reflection. The cracks are places where I have been wounded and the stains are places where I am guilty of having inflicted wounds. I know God has chosen me for some reason not completely understandable to me, other than perhaps I am willing, but when I see the skewed image that bounds away from me, I sometimes want to despair ever being useful to God.

God once had Himself the most Perfect Mirror here, Jesus. He still has many mirrors, much clearer than mine in the form of saints here on earth now and I wonder what need He has of mine. And still, I hear His voice asking me to continue to turn my heart, my mirror, toward His light. Perhaps it is not about my one small, imperfect mirror, but about all the imperfect, willing mirrors together, facing Him, reflecting His light to the world and the broken clouds reflect the sunrise to the cool earth.

I don't have a lot of answers, but I love the journey. The questions that show up, the quiet affirmation of God with me, the fellowship of others walking near. I am blessed to be on this journey. I am blessed to be called to be one imperfect mirror.


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