New Day Dawning

At this year's Easter musical, in a "ta-da" moment the Risen Jesus in a shiny cloak steps into the spotlight. I prayed for the real Jesus to show up, right then. I thought that would've been cool and really freak people out. Now THAT would've been a real TA-DA moment!

I love the Easter Holy Days. The celebration of the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday, the somber reflection on the crucifixion on Good Friday, the midnight vigil Holy Saturday. But I gotta be honest, the holiest and most miraculous day-Easter Sunday-was always so boring. Geez, to have nasal, monotone lectors read the passion, again. I think even Pope John Paul II was falling asleep most Easters. Ok, it may sound a bit heretical, but please listen before you burn me at a stake or put me on the rack. Easter just feels less like a climax of all of history and more like a stuffy dusty attic in the middle of July. We share this meal of bread and wine that foreshadows His sacrifice, we witness His suffering as one sits holding the hand of a dying loved one, and we wait in anticipation for the flame to work its way thru the dark church. Bread of life, living water, light of the world, lamb of God. Titles we have heard, physical and earthy. But Risen? From the DEAD? Doesn't even compute for the human brain. It isn't possible, right? Maybe that's why we seem to lose momentum just as we should be hitting a crescendo. We can't participate in this one, yet. We can't even really witness it. We can only look for the evidence after and try to make some sense out of an event that makes absolutely no sense to us. Time for that leap of faith....

Maybe you have heard this saying, Live life on life's terms. Well, I have been experimenting with something new. I was left with this gnawing sense that I was made for more. So, here is my challenge, for myself and for anyone who reads any of these entries: how about trying to live a life based on God's terms? I have found that when I started to try this, it took me from a place of acceptance to hope, from mere surrender to trust, from tolerance to love. Just something to think about (especially since we are talking about a leap of faith, anyway).

Oh, and have an Amazing Resurrection Day!


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