Chelsea Pants Grace

If you aren't sure how God can love such silly people as us, get a puppy and fall in love. Yes, she bites me when she is teething. Yes, she has chewed on the checkbook. Yes, she has peed on the floor. Yes, she whines sometimes. But she also plays gloriously and pants with silliness and chases her tail if you hold it and won't go down the steps without you beside her. Her best friends are a pitbull and a stinky stuffed frog. Sometimes I watch her, laughing, and I wonder if I haven't heard God laughing at the same way, only at me. Grace isn't such a complex subject, really. It is a simple program for complicated people. Have you heard that somewhere before? If God loves me even as much as I love my pup, well, I am in really good shape. Same goes for you, my friend. If God loves you, even as much as I love you, you are doing good. But it is my belief, that God loves us gobs more than we can wrap our finite brains around. Isn't that cool?


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