I found this picture while looking for something else, but I really like it. It reminds me that as much as I am looking for God, He is looking for me.

You know, altho I write about my own experiences, I feel it is my responsibility to pass on the grace that I have been given. A little of the 12th step maybe, but I think God calls us to Himself for a reason, to be God's voice to the world, to be God's hands in the world.....

I was in the wrong soccer field on Sunday, some may think anyway. I wandered around with Chelsea looking for a blue jersey as Chelsea snuck up on men in shorts and licked the back of their legs and women ran up wanting to pet the "Oh, she's adorable!" dog. One woman kind of hung back tho I could see her making tentative movements toward us. She stood alone and something gave away her brokeness (maybe it takes one familiar with brokeness to recognize it in another?).

I invited her to meet Chelsea and we began to talk. She was having a really bad time, full of fear about the future and lacking much hope or comfort in the present also. I started praying, "God, what do you want me to do here? I just wanted her to pet my dog...." As usual, I joked a little to deflect some of the scariness of the depth to which we had sunk so quickly. This woman needed hope. She needed loved. She needed to know she was not alone. She needed to know that she mattered to someone who wanted nothing from her and accepted her for who she is. (again, recognizing thru relating?)

I told her how much I enjoyed talking with her and that I hoped the next time I was lost wandering a soccer field that I might run into her. But then I did something crazy, even for me, I asked a total stranger if I could pray for her. She looked startled, but then, to my amazement, her face relaxed and she looked cared for, just in that request. She agreed and we hugged. I told her that when she faced some of these difficult situations, to remember that God was with her. She thanked me for stopping by and said that maybe the reason I couldn't find my soccer game was because God sent me to her. Maybe. I just can't help but giggle when God is able to use a knucklehead like me to help someone hurting. Talk about gratitude!


Becky said…
Its amazing how God can turn any mundane activity into a divine encounter. It takes eyes to see and a heart willing to be used, and even risk being rejected. I love that she saw God in you, then she was willing to be open to your words, or your prayers. Who knows the impact that small sacred moment will have.
Blessings friend.

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