Storms happen. I haven't met anyone yet who is free of struggles. Yesterday I remembered this saying, not sure if it is a lyric or something I read so I can't give credit where credit is due, but...
Sometimes He quiets the storm and
sometimes He calms the child.
I often pray for obstacles to be removed first rather than ask for His hand to hold as I walk thru them. I am nothing more than this temper tantrum prone toddler who wants to do it herself and it isn't until I fall down and scrape my knee that I call for Daddy. Sure, I would like to say I am trying to walk with Him, but for real, I know I fall so short. Or maybe I do walk with Him, as well as a toddler can walk. Have you ever tried to walk with one? They toddle the right way then swing to the other to look at something then stop altogether to look at something else or merely take a breather and then they usually fall or get knocked over by the bigger crowd. That actually sounds a lot like my walk, with or without God. Hmmmm, chickie has some growing to do......


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