Grace sighting

This is my friend. She is in jail. God loves her a lot. She doesn't love herself much, but hopefully that will change. I saved her picture to [someday] remind her of how far she has come but I also use it to remind myself that, "but for the grace of God....."*GRACE* This woman started to soften my heart for God. She would talk about God and her church and what she would learn. I had thought I was too cool for God but what I really felt was that I had been too bad for God to want me. This woman made me start to wonder and listen for God's voice. Later, she relapsed into some criminal activity and was incarcerated. I continue to pray for her, that God will show her how much He loves her and teach her what her true value is in His eyes. *GRACE* God doesn't just save the lost, sometimes He uses them to guide the wandering. Who am I to choose who God could use? Who is good enough? Who is blessed enough? Who is educated enough? Sometimes I get this feeling from church people that some of us, those who spent some time in the wilderness, don't fit into their churches and that is so UN-christian. Makes me mad. They sound like the whiny "good" son when the prodigal returned. They seem to forget that all of heaven rejoices when even one prodigal comes home. *GRACE* Christian here has tired eyes; her soul is weary and her heart is heavy. Jesus says, come on over and rest. Some of our churches say, walk over here on the gravel on your bare knees so we can know you are serious. I say, Welcome! I'll save you a spot up front. God has been too good to me for me to get uppity with Him or you. *GRACE*
"But for the grace of God, there go I."


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