This woman I knew did all these interesting sort of one liners. I think this one sort of fits me today. I know that when "I" change so does my perspective and opinion of the world around me. That has been really hard lately, tho. I feel like I am surrounded by petty nonsense. Nothing feels certain. I am walking in darkness waiting for the next attack.
Here's the thing: I am not alone. Tho I may not be able to see where I am going or what the outcome will be, there is One who does. Tho my small life may not feel very secure right now, I can hold on confidently to my God. I can let the pettiness fall away. I can patiently wait on Him. It is a hard one, no doubt, but who told me any of this was to be easy? What I was told is that there is a Comforter, a Counselor, a Prince of Peace. I have been told that this physical world is a small part of the overall reality because there is a spiritual realm-not the other way around. I was told I am an alien in this land; it is not my home.
Just for today, I will trust that my God will bring me thru this place of uncertainty and darkness and into a place of light.


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