It's funny how all I can be is someone completely ugly
And yet when You look at me,
You don't see a wretch
You see a reflection of something beautiful
~Something Beautiful from Todd Agnew's CD Reflections of Something

I really love this song because, in it, God reminds me how much my perspective is distorted, like a fun house mirror. I have no idea what I am really seeing. I have no idea how to focus my vision. For me, the truest sense of who I am is found in who God thinks I am. I forget that,too often. Reverting back to some primal survivalist mode, I fight and manipulate and hoard because of deep fears. Not so amazingly, I have been writing on the 6th and 7th steps for the last year. I am so sick of these defects, these places where sin comes so easily. I want to be the person God sees in me, a person God can use. In fact, that is all I want. Maybe some day I will see it, too.


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