Royal Blood

A discussion among friends the other night made me think about royalty and if we have lost a sense of that in regards to God. I never understood the "fear" of God. I was afraid as a child-that God didn't like me, know me, or wouldn't want me. Although I do not advocate a "pocket protector" God as one said, or George Carlin's character advocating a "Buddy Jesus" (from movie Dogma), I do not want to go back to a "I'm too holy for you" God. I know I am never going to be good enough to approach the throne of God by my own merits, but I also recognize that God did the unthinkable when He sought me, and you, out. To save us, to heal us, to love us, to bring us back to Him. That is not a standoffish, aloof God. That is a belly laugh, dance in the rain, bear hug God. It would be the God who wouldn't mind a weeping child getting snot on His royal shoulder. A God who experiences life with us, not in spite of us. A God who is not too holy for us, but who desires us to step into holiness with Him.
A friend's mother would tell her she was the daughter of a King, the King. At first I was a little weirded out, having never thought of what being a child of God meant, I suppose, on a real level. I am also a daughter of this King. When I allowed that to become part of my identity, I noticed that some things about me started to change. I started to desire better for myself. Not more money or a bigger house. No, I am talking about the company I keep. I need to not be shut away in some tower with people who think exactly like me. I need to be representing the King;'s concern to his people and His people's needs to the King. I have a responsibility to share His love and intercede in prayer on the behalf of others. I need to be active in caring for others. I started to examine other parts of my life, for instance my thinking can be very negative about myself. That's not ok today. Although I can fall back into negativity, I weigh my thoughts based on my true identity as a child of God.
Silly ramblings, perhaps,for a sick and broken world. But I know until I begin to heal and find my identity in God, well, no matter how hard I try, I won't be able to do good things. It is God, in me, through me, with me, that allows me the grace. I wish I could be worthy of Him, but I chuckle at even that tiny but pride-filled thought. The blessing in that is that as I am unworthy, so can anyone be saved who is unworthy. It is the worthy ones who will wander, never knowing, because they cannot acknowledge, that their only home is with God, their only joy is in God, their only hope is God's mercy. Amazing Grace!


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