Surrounded by Grace

"He is very fond of the word grace, and with grace itself he is altogether enamored." ~~Charles Spurgeon in GRACE God's Unmerited Favor

I burst into laughter when I read that line. I had never read him before and I had really only heard of him in passing so when I googled him later, I was surprised to see he lived from 1834-1892. Silly as it is, I am so in love with grace. I know I must trust God's mercy and He has not withheld it from me. Grace is just amazing to me. I saw this shirt that said-"I am the wretch the song talks about." That's me!

I named this blog "Grace Period" because I had never thought I would live past 26. Probably in many ways I wanted to not live past 26. I was hopeless and empty and lost. My spirit was dead. One day, after having worked to change my life, I was sharing about the changes and it occurred to me that I was past 26. For the first time in my life, I felt so blessed about being alive. I had made such a mess, but God wasn't done with me. It was a grace period.

I still feel that blessed. I cannot do anything good apart from God. I can act out on self will and bulldoze everyone and everything in my path, but God continues to work on me, to mold me into the woman He wants me to be. His grace sustains me and feeds me. There is nowhere I want to be except enveloped in His grace. In His grace, I have everything.


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