Slow and steady

I saw this picture when I was on a hike with women from church and it was so cute I just had to take a picture of it. Today, as I was going through my pictures looking for something to write on, it occurred to me that I really do need to slow down. I have a "to do" list that is taller than I am. I have papers to write for school, a presentation to do for work, 2 parties to plan and host, laundry to do and all the other assorted chores, not to mention friends that want to get together, and I want to see them because they are important to me. In short, I want, and try, to do it all. My husband says I am nosy, afraid of being left out. I think it is more that I am afraid of being left behind. I am so acutely aware of time passing now and the time wasted previously. If I don't slow down and savor the walk, tho, I am going to burn out and whine I was too busy to notice anything. So, just for today, I am trying to tackle my prjects in manageable bites. Not finish them in one day. Not leave them for the last day. Not make them perfect, but done well. And, I promise, dear husband, NO MORE COMMITMENTS!


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