My brain is dizzy

Oh, the end of the major paper left to write....brain cells tried and fried....

I haven't been writing much because there has been so much going on-who has time to write? I feel like I am running to this, reading that, so I can complete this, before I need to move on to that....

What is the this and the that?

Everything feels more fluid than solid. I know the Spirit is weaving in and out of all this chaos, beckoning me to follow, to keep up, but I can't always make it out.

Friendships changing, ending, beginning. Schedules shifting, changing, uprooting. Even nature cannot help but be part of this time of change as the blooms burst forth and the pollen swims to sinuses.

Nothing is today as it will always be. Not my job or my relationships or even my theology. Ok, well, even if my understanding of God continues to evolve and change, thankfully God does not. He is my constant. Like when you are in a boat and somewhat feeling queasy, you look to something steady and unmoving and fix your eyes upon that. Hmmm, fixing my eyes on Jesus. Where have I heard that before?

Thank you, Father, for traveling with me.


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