So, since the Sabbath is soon upon me, I thought I would write a quick post.
I am trying to write more than once a week, but time has just been flying!
Am I the only one who gets distracted at church. I think about God less sometimes when I am in the church service than when I am just at home reading, or blogging for that matter. Sure, the songs are about God, but I am wondering when my friend is going to show up (and not Jesus, either) and why the drummer can't keep the beat. I am distracted by the coffeehouse I have set up for socializing after. It is too hot. The band is too loud. This kid keeps crying. The dude behind me sings funny. That chick over there is waving "hi" to God like he is looking down. Why is it so hard to focus on God at his own house?
And yet, the answer comes....I cannot do this without God help as with the myriad of other things that I have learned to lean on Him for.


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