Can We Really Contain Him?

Religion scares me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I know there is Truth, but when we understand how finite our ability to think must be compared to an Infinite God... And what about God Himself? He is beyond our comprehension...but we try and package Him within our ability to understand so that we can manipulate ourselves and others. We select our leaders as to whether they fit our understanding of what we need, of what God wants for us, of what God is. We use these ideas to control and judge. We set ourselves apart from them. We go on missions trips to help them. We evangelize them.

Ok, maybe not all of us do these things, but rather than point fingers at my brothers and sisters I would rather stand with them. We are responsible for one another.

What if our understanding is too narrow? What if our Truth is only what our tiny brains can fathom? What if our God is so much more....what if those things seem crazy to us, confusing us, frightening us? Are you following a religion, a set of rules and customs and traditions and leaders, or are you following that elusive Spirit?

Could we really contain Him any more than we could hold the sun?


Diana said…
But that same infinite God is the One who lives in us and enables us to understand whatever He would have us to understand. He strengthens us to do what He wants us to do. He loves us so that we can spread His love.
Jaime said…
And isn't that a huge weird thing alone? God is freaking cool! I just don't want to presume that I can figure Him out completely, package Him properly. There is mystery in grace. I think a lot of people miss that...

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