The Present

One thing I have realized about God and prayer is that they keep me strictly grounded in the present. Sure, I can pray about concerns for the future or ask forgiveness over something in the past, but when the prayer reaches its center, it is fully in that moment. And I think maybe that is where God wants us anyway; that is the place where we can be the most useful. We need to meet people in the moment. We need to be able to be used by God now...not after we fix our hair or make our confession or get our degree. If we were fully equipped to do it, would it really be God working thru us? I am guilty of forgetting this and have this imaginary "when" list. When I get my budget organized, when I get my degree, when I read this book, when I get my temper under control, when I can learn to talk better, when my house is cleaner, when I have lost weight, when my son is grown, when...... Today, my gift back to you, Father, is my present, just as it but also, more importantly, as you wish to work thru it.


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