Catalyst 2008


we praised God with rockin' worship

and opened up about the elephant in the room (ok, arena).


Andy Stanley

Moral authority is the PUBLIC alignment between our creed and our deed.

Lose integrity-lose influence.

We follow authenticity and moral authority.

3 areas of application:

Forgiveness-this is our message as Christians

the servant is not greater than the Master

we lose moral authority when we are angry/bitter

Family-if our family feels neglected, we have lost authority

loss of this priority is a source of much broken-ness

Finances-keep finances in order

Give, Save, Live on the rest

William Paul Young

Wrote a modern day parable

Need to not be afraid to question, bring issues to table

Trinity is our model of relationship with God-

selfless circle of relationship-not hierarchical

Jesus taught us that altho things appear bleak "Where are you Father?"

that we need to trust in what IS, "Into Your hands..."

Jim Collins

Good is enemy of Great

Greatness is not a function of circumstance, luck

but of conscious choice, discipline

The great fall by over reaching-grow beyond the ability to have enough key people

The right WHO's lead to better WHAT's

Question is really not "what to do' but WHAT SHOULD WE STOP DOING?

Build a personal board of directors

Question, think-"white" space days for just thinking

This is not a job, it's a RESPONSIBILITY

Steven Furtick

Between the Promise and the Payoff if the Process.

Be faithful in the Process.

God is preparing you for what He's preparing for you.

Brenda Salter McNeil

We start where we are but we are not intended to stay there.

Must rely on God's power for this-God's power draws people.

Not meant for "Holy Huddles"

Seth Godin


Positive deviants-who is doing it naturally-give them a platform

Start with your fans

Become a heretic-deep faith that rails against the status quo

Distinction between faith and religion

Faith-built into us

Religion-amplifies faith for a little but ends up controlling

rules, status quo

Heretic seeks out rules to break :)

Craig Groeschel

About "IT"

From, by, for God

We can't make IT

Not a program or system

Changes lives

Attracts critics


God, stretch me.

Renew, there's more in you!

God, heal me.

of addictions and idolatry

God, ruin me.

fasting, weeping, mourning-heart change

My heart needs to break for the things that break God's.


Tim Sanders

Together we have more

Create abundance by giving

Contagious compassion-observed reciprocity

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

Dave Ramsey

Genesis 11:5-with oneness, nothing that they propose to do is impossible

5 main enemies of Unity

poor communication

gossip-negative discussed with someone who can't solve the problem

unresolved disagreements-leader needs to loving deal with stuff, not ignore

lack of shared purpose

sanctioned incompetence-demoralizes those around it

Franklin Graham

Gospel-power is God's to move their heart, not ours

God's gospel and He works it

Most people are not bad, just lost

Present the Gospel in everything we do

Andy Crouch

God asks us to cultivate (taking what is good and keep it good)

and create culture

Culture is created together

Creative circle-about 3 people

Moves horizon of culture-suspension of impossible

3-12 add depth

3-12-120 bring breadth

What am I doing with my influence?

Matt Chandler

Jesus should be what we desire, not what happens in our life because of Him

Way to present Gospel? "Follow Jesus and it might end badly"

We need to set examples in speech, conduct, love, purity

How you feel about God reflect sin how you deal with money and people.

Can't contextualize so much that we don't mention Christ

Andy Stanley

Random thoughts on leadership-

"To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing.~Craig Groeschel

"The Next Generation product almost never comes from the previous generation."~Focus, Al Reis

"What do I believe is impossible to do in my field...but if it could be done would fundamentally change my business?"~Future Edge/The Paradigm Book, Joel Barker

Success breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure.


The guy from Catalyst said…
Wow! I knew I should have copied your notes!
Jaime said…
I think you did, a few times! LOL

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