Christians still die....

Dear Friend,
Loving greetings to you in Jesus Name.Thanks for your mail. Know that we always remember your love & courage and we always pray for you. Yes, the situation is very terrible here. In Orissa 1100 churches & thousands of christian houses & many institutions are burnt. Nothing is left. Here it is tense, but calm. We had refugees from Orissa. Today one christian componist was here. He had big buildings and a chuch & 4 vehicles. They burnt everything. He had to run for his life. He is already elderly & not used to walking. He had to run for his life 28 kilometers in de jungle. He escaped only with his clothes on. In North India they wanted to have a pastor from Orissa to testify. So John arranged for him to go & they accepted it. So this night he went & then he is coming back to stay with us, because he has nothing left. Like this, tens of thousands have lost everything & have nothing left. They are not allowed to come back without converting to hinduisme. It's hinduisme or death. One nun was paraded naked in her place before thousands & then raped by 14 man before the eyes of thousands, & the police also were onlookers! Many are killed or wounded. They have cut hands & feet of many. It is more than terrible. We are in our Mission House in Bhilai & this house has become a kind of coordination centre for the christians of Orissa. It's bad in whole India. We are never really safe. Please tell these things & pray.
With lots of love,
John & Marja
This letter was lifted from The Uprising (see blogs to the right). But if you haven't heard about the persecuted church in the news in places like Mosul and Orissa, please get educated. Pray for our brothers and sisters. Stand with them. If they are not ashamed of the Gospel, why should I be when I live in a country that allows me the freedoms of speech and of religion?


Catalyst Guy said…
And to think I was nervous about telling people that I was going to a Church leadership conference. I don't know what else to say...
Jaime said…
It bugs me, too, how whimpy I can be. I can fall into that trap of thinking that everyone is going to think I am an idiot if I tell them it is a "Christian" leadership conference or that I need off work on Sunday to participate in a special service. Thing I have been learning is that I need to live the Gospel, not just preach it. Letting others know who I am and what I stand for is a witness for Christ. Was it St. Francis who said we should preach the Gospel and use words when necessary? I am just a work in progress, God's work in progress.

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