Get out there and praise God!

I cannot imagine sitting on that rock, watching the sun splatter light over the water as the clouds gracefully change their hue...I cannot imagine this without God. One of my friends puts it, "Creation shouts God." As a child, I prayed on the roof. Yeah, I wasn't supposed to be up there, but the view of the sky was so amazing that I could not help but know God was near. I am not really a morning person, tho some seem to think so because I wake up easier than they do, but when I glimpse the sun rising as I set off for work and my spirit lifts in praise and prayer, I think anyone could become a morning person. Jesus used nature in His parables. Why do we spend so much time inside our houses, tightly sealed away? Maybe that is the thing-we want to be insulated which unfortunately often leads to isolation. Getting out into nature is a challenge I made to myself. I want to watch the lilies and the sparrows more often. I want to contemplate what Jesus taught by observing things He used as illustrations. And even if I am too dense to understand what He was getting at, at least I get to stand in awe of my Father and His work.


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