Message from my friend

I just returned from a 2 1/2 week trip to New Orleans and Galveston. Both areas are really hurting and in need. There are so many people who still have no homes. Galveston has a huge tent city with big tents filled with cots.

There are some specific needs.

1. Pray. Pray God will wake up Christians to repond, excite churches to be involved, supply funds. (I think all the missionaries in New Orleans and Texas are undersupported including Mark Lewis. These people are working long hard days on budgets that barely allow them to survive. How can Christians spend money on extras when they know others do not even have the basics?) Pray that 100 churches or individuals will commit to $1,000 a year to EFCA Disaster Relief so that there are funds to set up bases as emergencies arise. Pray for volunteers to come down and work and for more staff to accomplish the overwhelming amount of work.

2. Come. Get involved in New Orleans and Texas. Be a part of changing lives for eternity.

3. Encourage and challenge your church to get involved.

4. Give. Send a gift to support the missionaries in EFCA Disaster Relief so that they can have funds for basic necessities in life. Even if you only can give a few dollars, every little bit helps and it adds up. If 100 people would send $5, that would be $500.

Send contributions to EFCA Disaster Relief, 19380 N. 10th Street, Covington, LA 70433.


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