Election Day

Yes, today is election day. On an overcast gloomy day I waited in a line outside in 45 degree weather for 45 minutes to vote. Why? My friend told me to.

LOL, well that is the most honest answer. I am not sure my vote counts anymore than my prayers do sometimes. I feel as impotent to affect government as I do to change God's mind. I believe I am a citizen of heaven and that I cannot expect too much out of this world. And yet, I voted.

It is your duty, she said. Ugh, the duty speech. Hate that one.

It is your right, she implored. Well, that's true as I look around the world at all the people suffering in countries where you are not participants, just victims, of the government.

It is your responsibility, she crossed her arms. Yes, that I understand.

It is a privilege, she spat, exasperated with me.

Hmm, is it a privilege to vote when my one little vote gets swallowed up in millions of others? Does anyone notice me and my vote, I wonder. How prideful. I don't want to be told what to do, I whine. How selfish. Does it even matter, I whisper. How fearful.

Yet all these things have also been things I have struggled with in my faith. Does God really care about ME? Why do I have to follow the rules? I don't want to be like those Christians. They suck. Why would God still love me?

And yet, He does. He has pursued me as intensely as I ran from Him.

And so I voted, because I matter to God. Because no matter what happens, I need to do my part, to be faithful and persevere. Because Jesus is my King, no matter who is my president. Because each of us are important and belong to this community.


Anonymous said…
I also had a friend text me who told me to vote today. So with coffee in hand ( spilled on my new white pants ) I did my part.

Why do you ask? When I feel much the same way as you Jaime.

I really didn't want to do it either but had that nagging little voice in my gut.

Voting is a privilage that was given freely thru God. I have to believe that my small voice/vote does count.

I also felt that my small act of passing out food to 300 homeless/struggling Americans at my local shelter also made a difference.

You put all us together and we have a army. :-)

So i am thankful for that friend that texted me and for that little kick in the pants.

Love u c

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