Question 4-What has God taught me through waiting?

So, I figured we would go back to the questions after the brief interruption of an emotional meltdown.

I don't wait well. God may be trying to teach me a lot...I ain't learning.

I want to problem solve. I want to strategically plan. I want to creatively resolve. I want to be in the thick of the process.

I do not want to wait.

When I know I am waiting, I am not waiting...I am thinking.

When I don't know that I am waiting, when I am just turning things over to God, I do a lot better. I can observe things around me, looking for God's touch. I can inhale joy. I can relax.

But waiting is filled with tension, angst, scanning, pouncing.

Maybe I need to not wait and turn the dang thing over to God immediately, huh?!


Anonymous said…
What God has taught me about waiting?

I am not good at it either!! I am used to taking control and getting things done ASAP. I want what I WANT in my time!!!

Lately it seems I have been doing alot of waiting. Waiting for God to open those doors, to remove those obstacles preventing me from moving anyplace. I am living at my Mom's house with two teenagers, two cats and have lived on my own for oer 20 years. It has been harder than heck.

I can't do this anymore and have never felt so stuck in my entire life.

I also recognized this morning that I really have lacked any faith in his plan for me and my life.

That verse keeps running thru my head this morning. "It only takes a little mustard seed of faith to move moutains".. Is that why it took so long for those doors to open, the money to arrive for the townhouse to be available and ready for move in.

Nothing happens in God's world by mistake and their are no coincidences.

Was it because I had NO faith NO a NO go..( stop and wait)..???


I really think that God teaches us to stop and pay attention, he purposely stops us in our tracks so he can build up that faith, remind us he is in charge and that his timeing is perfect.

I can't count how many times that he has reminded me of that Yet I still doubt, I still want everything to happen right now!!! Not tommorrow or next week!!!

I also remember that the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, PATIENCE and self control.

Those last two are killers for me. Is Dad just working on me.

Yes I don't have to question that!!

He loves us enough to discipline us.

Simple as that!!

I need to remember today that that little mustard seed of faith that I lost along the path is what I need.

In Him,


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