Question 5-What has God taught me through illness?
I can relate this to the chronic pain I have. (BTW, Chris, are you still working on these questions?) God teaches me that I can rely on Him, that there is value in taking things slower, that He is still in control when I am not able to help Him. In my pain, I lean more into His strength. I spend more time in prayer, thanking Him for the pain because it means I am alive, that my body is working, that it allows me to rely on Him when my pride would so often leave Him as an after thought. The restrictions and limitations I run into make me sad sometimes as I feel like I am losing bits of me, but even if that is so, I find that I gain with God. I have been forced to pray and forced to learn to rely on Him. When my body is out of whack, my mind and spirit are still very active and I find I have these spiritual growth periods. Lastly, having pain now, I yearn all the more for the day that I will meet Dad.


Anonymous said…
What God has taught me thru illness.

I feel very blessed. Even during my recent heart attack my pain was very minimal. It was only bad enough for me to call 911 because I wasn't sure if the chest pain was real and didn't want my 15 year old daughter to find me dead. I have enjoyed good health and a relatively pain and illness free life.

Being a nurse I get to witness and take care of some really broken, very ill and painful people.

God has taught me to have alot of compassion for others who are sick and in pain and I have made it my life's work to take care them.

It is a gift for me to be a part of people's life during such intense crisis.

It is a time when they wake up and ask God for help.

Guess who can see him work!!!

It's awesome to witness God's work while you are at work getting paid

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