Falalalala and all that jazz

Matt at The Church of No People posted the other day about Christmas vegans. This got me thinking about an issue that has been gnawing on me since October-Christmas music.

Ok, so maybe you could say I am a little critical, or maybe you could just say radio stations start playing Christmas music way too early. A woman at work has had Christmas music on since Halloween. No lie. And, she doesn't even get the "Jesus thing." She may not even know that these carols are songs about Jesus and His birth. There is just this anesthesia effect that has happened in our culture. As a child you said grace, those words of thanks before a meal to some benevolent idea called God, so when you have a child, you teach him to say the same things. You were read bible stories like Noah's ark when you were young, so you read a child's story book bible to your son before he sleeps. You grew up singing Christmas carols, so you love them now. But you don't claim that God exists and you certainly don't want to consider changing how you live. You know just enough about God to be lulled into false assurance that God is too good a guy to let anything happen to you, like hell. Jesus is just a curse word.

Doesn't this bother anyone else? What are you willing to do about it?


Wickle said…
That's part of my problem with the entire blending of the two Christmases (religious and secular). It does bother me, yes.

It also bothers me how many Christians pretend that it doesn't happen ... there are groups that think it's a big victory if they make stores have their cashiers saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy holidays."

On the flipside ... I listen to Christmas music all year. Not that much, mind you, but I think that "Joy to the World" is a great worship song, and have absolutely no fear of playing it in the middle of July.

At work, though? I restrained myself there.

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