An icon of Our Lady of the New Advent

Jesus being born...
God becoming man...
desperate Love seeking His beloved...
too much for me to understand other than to know...I am loved.

(from Let Me Tell You a Story by Tony Campolo)

Imagine a man who loved ants. Out behind his house he had an anthill and everyday he would go out and yell at the ants, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” Of course, the ants never got the message since they were ants and he was a man, and humans can’t communicate with ants by shouting at them. So the man did something more than shout. Each day he would bring them sugar, pieces of bread, and other goodies to enjoy. And as the ants devoured the good things he would yell at them, “They’re from me. They’re from me. I love you. I love you!” Still the ants did not get the message. But in this make believe story the man had magical powers, and he was able to transform himself into anything he wanted to be. What he wanted to be must seem all too obvious. To communicate with ants there was only one thing to do: transform himself into one of them. So he did just that! He became an ant and went in among them. He told all the other ants about the goodness of the great man who hovered over them. He told them how much that man loved them. The other ants could not help but be curious and asked, “How come you know so much about that man?” To which this special ant replied, “Because I am that man. I became one of you because only by becoming one of you could I communicate how much I care for you, and let you know what I’m really like.”

Helps me understand just a little bit more.


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