My spirit has been bristling under the scratchy sweater that is my personality.

I know you guys get this.

I am not who I seem to be.
I am not the woman who snaps at the slightest offense.
I am not the woman yelling at you on the phone.
I am not the woman ignoring you because you are needy or inconsiderate or ignorant.

Who is that woman? I don't even recognize her voice.

My spirit is silenced behind the thick cow neck. My spirit is weighed down by the sweater's weight. My spirit is developing a rash.

There are no nice analogies. But it does give me hope that I can see the line. Now, if only I could get my personality out of the way.

Father...I need you...


Peter P said…
At least you know you have a rash.

People who know they have rashes are much better at finding the right medicine and using it than people who don't even know they have one.

God is refining you, slowly but surely and I'm enjoying watching the process through blogland.

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