Call me...

My voice has been very quiet lately. There doesn't seem to be much to say.

God has seemed quiet lately, too. I bet He has lots to say, tho.

If only we weren't trying to communicate thru soup cans...that is how it feels sometimes. He is so far away, so quiet right now, makes me wonder-is the string taut enough?

Have I been in His Word enough? Am I caught up with the pettiness of my world rather than seeking His guidance? Am I setting aside time for Him or is my schedule jam packed so that I speed from one thing to the next and only pray "quickies" in the car? Am I practicing spiritual principles or am I stuck in indifference and intolerance?

These are the questions I ask myself from time to time. There are other questions, I suppose, based on the situation, but these fit best for now. It helps me to consider whether the "string" that connects me to God is taut so that I can hear Him, or perhaps whether I have set my can down, distracted by other things.

I have been distracted. I have been trying to manage things on my own, again. It is so odd that as children of an all powerful God, we do not always seek Him when crises come into our lives. Perhaps some seek Him only in crises, but I always try to manage things on my own first.

Turn it over...turn it over...turn it over

Yet, when I recall crises that I have turned over and partnered with God on; they run so smoothly and can be so inspiring.

Well, just for today, I will seek God the moment I sniff out a problem. We will meet the challenges of today.


Anonymous said…
Hey Jaime

I am going to sniff out a problem. Thanks for sharing. Love your heart.
Peter P said…
I tend to find that in the good times I let that string get looser and looser and finally I can't hear God's voice any more.

It's only when the bad times come that I fall on my knees and the string gets pulled taut again and I start hearing again. Or maybe I just start listening again.
hope42day said…
Loved your post. Despite how taut or loose that thread is I am always reassured because with God in my life, I am never alone.
Anonymous said…
I am glad i am not the only one who has this problem. Been thinking lately that maybe our self reliance at times is because we walk with HIM in faith and trust. He guides us thru those crisis by way of the Holy Spirit. I feel very calm and peaceful these days thru most every crisis.
So my string feels more like an internal guiding beacon.

I would be really interest in what you here reading this think???
Jaime said…
Thanks Anonymous 1. You sound like a blood hound.

Peter, I know that seems to be the usual way it goes and I have been meditating on why I am backwards. I think it is because I try to fix it myself before seeking God. Only when I am completely exhausted do I allow Him to take over. Then of course when He guides me thru it/fixes it, all the glory is His and a "good" time comes in. I am trying to rely on Him sooner, but geez, it seems like He goes on a short holiday when I need Him (read when I want Him to show up-LOL).

Hope-thanks for reading, I agree...I would be lost without Him.

Anonymous 2-I think the "string" is absolutely my connection to God. Trusting Him more than myself is what I am working on.
Becky said…
can you hear me.....
used to love sitting on one end of the string....
I am fearfully beginning a fast today...never done such thing in my life...scared to death I won't be able to...and yet strangely exhilerated too...praying for spiritual you'll be in my prayers too and for that Beautiful Grandchild to be born healthy to a Grandma seeking Him with her whole heart.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jamie,
What the heck is a blood hound? I am confused!!
I think that God meets us where we are at when we stay focused and present in the moment.
I feel the string being loose when i am someplace other than reality ( past, future, obessing about that which i can not control or change)...

Love ya
Jaime said…

Blood hound+dog that searches with its nose in response to your comment "I am going to sniff out a problem." :-)
Anonymous said…
Me still don't get it but then I worked all weekend and feel stupid today so letting it go :-) for now. Keep bloggin"
Love ya
Chrissy z

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