Gratitude List

I have been working extra, been extra tired, or just been grumpy (or probably grumpy because of those extras in my life).

I get frustrated with my frustration and those moments when I snarl because my mouth bypassed my filter. I become discontent with my abilities to do good, to be kind, to yada yada yada....


I don't care about the shoulda, woulda, coulda stuff right now. Today, I am focusing on gratitude.

I am grateful for my back pain because it helps me lean on God's strength and slows me down so that I can pray and study

I am grateful for being tired because it reminds me to rest and let God handle the things He wants to anyway.

I am grateful for the times when I struggle with being broke because it makes me more creative and when I have extra to give it is so very sweet.

I am grateful for the bad times because I know pain and hurt and darkness and God has used that to create connections with others who suffer and give them hope.

I am grateful that I cannot go to school right now because I am going to the Source, digging into God's word, and give Him all the credit.

I am grateful for the pain of loss when my mother in law died and when people I love have moved because I know love.

I am grateful for being overscheduled because I have an amazing life.

I am grateful that I am not beautiful because I would be tempted to think more about my beauty than His.

I am grateful for the piles of laundry and the dishes in the sink and the bag of trash waiting to go out because I am blessed with a comfortable life.

I am grateful for the fights with my husband because they give me a chance to practice humility and forgiveness.

I am grateful for my goofy dogs when they poop on the floor or chew up my favorite shoes because the joy that I have watching them play and how they love makes me wonder about how much joy God feels when we are in the moment and playful.

I am grateful.....


Bill G said…
I'm grateful that God put me next to you at a conference and that I can now learn from your writing.
Anonymous said…
I an grateful for friends like you in my life that remind me I things like this.... A curse that we live through becomes a blessing!
Love ya!
Anonymous said…
I too am grateful for friends like you Jaime who can turn anything into a positive.

I can look back on all the hard stuff and find blessings and tiny gifts wrapped up inside!!!!

Life is good today because of that hard stuff!!!

Thanks for sharing your gratitude and reminding me to find mine today!!!

Love ya
Chrissy Z

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