My New Year Wish

I desire to love you as You love me.

If only I could love God the way He loves me. Maybe even half as much....a quarter as much....a smidge? Do I trust God's love? I believe He paid the ransom for us, but do I trust it? If I did, would I not throw my whole self to His cause? Would I not abandon all of this life to help others find Him? Would I relish each moment here, knowing He loves me so much, but also despise each moment because I long for my true Love?

I whisper my deepest heart's longings to you in the night. Beyond any broken dreams and brittle insecurities, there is a place of ripened desire, fragrant with love, calling to You in soft melodies. I awaken from my sleep humming these melodies to you. And still, my spirit, pregnant with longing for You, is minuscule when compared to Your love for me. Just the thought fills me with intoxicating reverence. I love You. Clumsily, feebly, I love You! Beloved, my wish for this year, though it is merely a wish, would be that I could love you as You love me. Since it is only a wish, I will rest in the security and strength that is You and surrender to being loved most wonderfully by You for no other reason than You are Love!


chazzdaddy said…
nice stuff! may GOD bless you greatly as you seek after HIM in 2009!

congrats on the grandchild!

Thanks again for the donation to the young man in need.

and another great book you might want to check out for your shelf: The Sacred Way (Tony Jones. Would fit your theme greatly!

partners in the mission,
Very poetic. I can't hold a candle to that. Good stuff.

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