What is ministry?

For so many of us, we just concede that ministry is how professional Christians make a living. We pay them to "minister." But what does that MEAN?

I grew up a grandchild of a minister and so I thought I knew what that meant, but when I looked it up, ministry is simply the act of serving. Of course, one way to serve is thru "up front" ministry-serving as a pastor who teaches from a pulpit. However, there are many others who have a ministry.

Today at our service this gentleman was being interviewed about finding contentment and at one point he spoke about his interactions with children that he teaches piano, that sometimes they need to talk about their lives and he listens and coaches there as well as the keys. His comment was something like, this is almost like a ministry.

Sure sounds like it is one to me.

A friend of mine started selling the cookies she bakes and with the profits she makes meals for people who are struggling, sick or sad, to let them know that someone cares and that God loves them. She dropped off my Valentine's day cookies and told me about her latest adventure while tears rolled down her cheeks. "I just felt like I melted into the Lord," she summed up her experience.

"Sounds like you found your ministry," I observed as she nodded thru tears of joy.

And as I said that, I realized that I was practicing mine-listening and encouraging and sorting out things with people.

I used to ponder quite often and examine roughly what God wanted me to be doing. Then I stopped wondering and started doing.


Anonymous said…
Jamie Remember that book "The Purpose Driven Life" I read it, went to a class. I think i sent it to you too didn't I.

I just remember that I was really excited to pass it along to others but don't remember that I had some big Epiphany..this is what i am suppose to be doing. Right now I feel like my purpose is to love others unconditionally as God loves me. To do what is in front of me the best that I can. I no longer feel like I have some big agenda God planned out for my life.
Not saving the world or empress of the universe anymore.

Thanks for sharing!!!!
Chris Z
I especially relate to your quote at the beginning of your post. I've had some tough ministry experiences - strong opposition from malevolent people. We always knew we were on the right track if Satan sent people to oppose us. And there were plenty of 'Christians' who walked alongside the opposition - they never saw Satan, because they were walking with him!
Becky said…
simple is not always easy is it...the honesty of your post....always has me wanting to come back for more....that Grandbaby is getting close....

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