Too many cooks?

Hmmm, what is this that so many people I know feel called to ministry? Is it the circles that I keep? Is it God trying to tell me something? (Or do I just keep hoping?)

My husband growls, "If everyone is preaching, who is working to pay the bills?"

I know I have ranted about this before, but I believe that every Christian is called to ministry, to serve the Kingdom, to evangelize, to disciple. Abdicating this responsibility is to downplay your salvation. If you have gained nothing, you have nothing to share. Fine. But if you have been saved from death, if you have been rescued from churning seas, would you not want to share your story? Would you not want to prevent others from the same tragedies?

Maybe it is just me, but once God gets a hold of you, well, you just aren't the same person. And once God gets a hold of you, you shouldn't have the same life, internally or externally. Not that everyone is called to preach, but each of us are called to become part of the King's search and rescue team.

Or maybe I am missing something...which is entirely possible.


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