Catching up

I am in love with this child. She is so adorable, a ball of goodness.

So, the past week has been crazy. I have worked all 3 shifts in a 7 day period and now my sleep is all goofy. I stay up half the night and 5am comes too soon. I trudge thru the day, waiting to get home...only to become wide awake at 8pm and not tired until midnight. I have always valued my ability to be flexible, but this is quite enough.

But this time of being off my routine, being off the routine of the world, has actually been somewhat restful to my spirit, even if it is draining to my body. I have spent quite a bit of time reading, and some has been catching up on my "daily" Bible reading. I am quite determined to finish this one year chronological Bible in one year. To help me delve a bit deeper, my dear hubby let me get a couple commentaries, on sale, to add to my collection of references. I am such a nerd! (I can admit it tho the original accusation came from a friend at work when I told her gleefully about my purchase.) I have penciled notes and questions in the margins as I read and look them up later. Yep, nerd. LOL

Reading the Bible in this way, making my way thru books I only read the Cliff noted versions usually, has left me with a sense of awe. God wasn't just planning on a daily basis. He was planning for me. He was planning for you. God knew where the story was going and loved them anyway, providing for their protection while allowing them their suffering. I don't know exactly how to put this, but it is comforting to know that I am a tiny piece of a large, incomprehensibly large story...God's story. There aren't any "new" sins, sins that aren't mentionable in the Bible. (Have ya'll really read it? No need for soap operas-read the Old Testament!!!)

Seeing God, hearing Him, feeling His heart...just makes me worship Him. I can't even think of another word than worship. The closest idea would be that I feel like I am falling in love with Him even more.

So, tho I am behind in my "life," my heart is ahead and my spirit is rested. I am in love with my God, the one who gave me life, and with my grand daughter, the one who inherits my life. I am so blessed! Thank you, Father!


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