Years ago there was this guy in the recovery meetings that would share and his trademark thing was, "The troof will setcha fwee." Of course, he was saying was, "The truth will set you free." It is still a favorite around my house (just the way it is written). Now sure, this guy may not have had all his teeth or perhaps just poor pronunciation, but today my husband and I will say it to each other and giggle if we are caught in a half truth. Half truth? Isn't that the same as a half lie?

Sadly, I must admit I didn't know it was a quote from the Bible for many years.

But the Truth has been kicking around in me, bouncing off my behavior at work, the way I relate to my husband, my idea of my plans for my future. One thing that has been revealed is that truth is not the same as right.

I am an eldest child. I have a strong personality. I am pretty intelligent. I have some education. I have been around the block a little. I think I know what is "right," but that doesn't mean I have the truth. What I do have is a perception of what the truth is. Being right allows me to separate from those who are wrong, to be better than those who are wrong. Being right does not set me free, tho. It tends to ensnare me in controversy and struggle to adjust the way things are currently to the perception of how things should be.

The truth, however, tells me how things really are, beyond the window dressings and the spin doctor's jive, beyond the emotion and psycho babble. The truth doesn't shout but is quietly affirming. It isn't owned but accepted. It cannot be wielded as a weapon but applied as a healing salve.

My pride and my desire to be thought well of feeds my idol of right-ness, but my spirit and my faith long for the cool rest of Truth. May it set me free.


Anonymous said…
Very Cool that I am reading this and you have " The Voice of Truth" playing on your music thingy!!!

I didn't know that recovery saying came from the bible either :-)

hugs, me
Jaime said…
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free...John 8:32

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