New series-Monday QB

Altho some of my blogger friends are pastors, I decided to create a series based on the armchair quarterback. My husband is one of those. I, on the other hand, am one of those people that like to chew on the sermon with others-a Monday QB. My husband and I often discuss the sermon on Sunday afternoons while there are times our small groups are still doing it on Tuesday nights. I figure it is my grandfather's fault, him being a preacher and all.

Just in case you were worried, Pastor George, and all the pastors whose sermons I may discuss, no disrespect will be tolerated here. I give y'all props for preaching the Word of God because I know how hard it is to be the face that everyone wants to talk to (or about), complain to (or about), and challenge.

We have been in a series about Journey. This being Pastor George's first sermon series as the new senior pastor makes it a very appropriate topic. We started several weeks ago by discussing the journey from "outward conformity to inward transformation" followed by "achieving to receiving" then from "maintenance to mission" and now changing our focus from "preserving to investing."

The key text being Matt 25:14-30.

My husband and I have come to understand this idea of stewardship by reframing a silly game we played. We would claim ownership of something, my bed, my car, as a way of creating a sense of control. "It is my car, so stay off the radio station" kind thing. Now when we start the game, just being silly, someone usually brings up-"It's God's car," like a trump card. I do suppose God trumps all, anyway.

So, in that way, we were already familiar with everything we have being God's but on loan to us. I do admit, not growing up in this way, we have not been the careful stewards many around us have been, so we are working on reclaiming some financial freedom. Still, I believe our heads got it, and our hearts are working on it, even if our wallets aren't quite there.

An interesting point made by Pastor George was that all the servants in the story were stewards whereas in reality, there would probably be only one. Don't we so often get caught up in the "one?" Like he has the gift of preaching, I don't. She loves to work with the youth; not my gift. Some individuals love to go on missions trips yearly; never been on one. We think things are for someone else to do, not me, but isn't it telling that tho we are each in Christ and Christ in us, we are not many bodies of Christ? WE are the Body of Christ. Some of us have loads of gifts, some have only 1, but we are each called to use ALL we have for the Kingdom.

Here's where I get stuck tho: how much, in what way, and what does God want me to do?

I write this silly little blog which is mostly for me to find some place to ramble. God has been gracious enough to use it to bless some people. I am a nurse. I tend the sick everyday. I mentor some women. I...whatever I do, is it enough? Is my simple life enough? Do I need to be overseas? Does ministry need to be my job? I forget that God doesn't really need me, but He desires that I am in His mission.

I so don't want to be like the 3rd servant who just "doesn't get it." I am not wanting to serve Him for an "atta girl," either, but because it is the only thing, the only direction for my life that makes sense. The only direction that is alive.

As I have been processing, I happened by a friend's webpage had this quote on it, that I hijacked:

"Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there." -Charles Spurgeon

Guess I will hang onto that today.


Bill G said…
To add the the what do I do you forgot that you pray with and for people you don't know and you take good notes! That meant a lot...THANKS!

I read that highjacked quote today as well but can't remember where?
Jaime said…
LOL, Bill, it is my FB update, too. I am such a fan of Spurgeon! When I first read him, I didn't know he was so well dead. :-)

Ok, so God does seem to see fit to use me...maybe I should quit complaining how, huh?

Thanks for the reminder. That was something that meant a lot to me too...and scared the crap outta me! I am usually a bit freaked out by Baptists so I wasn't planning to talk to you but something, Someone, inside wasn't letting me off the hook.
Becky said…
In reading Hebrews this morning....11 :4 re: Cain and Abels sacrifices......"It was what he believed not what he brought, that made the difference."

releases me somewhat from what others might think about my doing ENOUGH....and opens up a dialogue w/Him....listening trying to quiet the other voices and hear His...
Jaime said…
Thanks Becky...definitely gives me food for thought and removes the ego and pride that so often trips us up, huh? I love this quote from your Drenched post:

"Experiencing the present purely is being empty and hollow;
you catch grace as a man fills his cup under a waterfall." Annie Dillard
Great post. It sounds like a really good sermon series to be contemplating :)

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