Feast of Saint Clare

St Clare's Blessing
Always be lovers of your souls
and those of all your sisters.
And may you always be eager
to observe what you have promised the Lord.
May the Lord always be with you
and may you always be with Him

I chose St Clare as my confirmation saint. It is a hard choice because out of all the saints, you have to pick one whose character or life is admirable.

Clare heard a preacher who helped the Holy Spirit ignite a fire within her that prevented Clare from going back to life as usual. An heiress who grew up in comfort, she turned away from all this seeking her Lover. She wanted to know Him like Francis and to serve Him like Francis.

On a Palm Sunday, she left her family, her wealth, her pretty clothes, and her hair (shaving of the head was a surrender of vanity and worldliness), and followed Francis to her Beloved Jesus.

I also wanted to be like Francis. I wanted to preach the Gospel, to embrace the untouchables, to give all I had on this earth for my Savior. I felt the passion that burned within them. I knew the desire that drove Clare to turn from everything that seemed to make her life, to really find her Life.

But now, almost 25 years after my confirmation, I see my choice differently. I see that I chose a saint who did what she could which was not necessarily what she wanted. I chose a saint whose role was dictated by her sex, tho not less important, because I would never presume that petitioning God's throne for the protection and blessing of those working the harvest would be useless. I chose a saint, fully submitted to her life as a woman of God.

Today, I continue my prayer, along with others from the Leadership Summit, for God to reveal what I can do. There is so much need. I am praying for clarity. I don't want it my way; I want to know His. Just like a saint I know.


eaglegirl said…
Many years ago I picked St. Theresa as my confirmation saint. But I am embarrased to say I don't remember why.
I know I had a book about saints given to me back then, so I at least read up about her then. So, I hope I picked her for good reasons and not just because I liked her name.
Being a non-Catholic for over 30 years I don't think much about saints of old anymore.
St. Clare sounds like she was a truly amazing woman.
I know a woman a little like her today. A woman who devotes so much of her life to help the homeless, the poor, the unlovable. And she gives and gives and gives. I am proud to say I know Kathy Casper and wish I were more like her, St. Kathy.

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