Service ranting

When my husband and I started going to church, we weren't necessarily sure what we believed, we probably didn't know all the songs, we certainly didn't know all the books of the Bible, but we did know how to make coffee and we knew being of service was a key to making connections.

Years of recovery meetings had taught us the importance service, not for those I serve, but even for me. Being in service makes me visible. People may not know my name, but they learn my face and I become part of the fabric of the place I serve. I learn people's names and develop connections. I take ownership of something that is valuable to me; I am not just a taker. Arriving early and staying late also creates a comfort level for newbies like us. And, of course, you are useful, not awkwardly standing out.

It intrigues me that the church seems so caught up in this idea that a minister of God is going to give them a word and the worship will be "good" then everyone runs out of church for the closest restaurant.

Is that in the Bible somewhere and I just haven't gotten there yet?

I read that we are a priestly people. I read that we are called to make disciples. I read that we are to spread the good news.

Haven't read anything about it being up to one man, or a couple of men, on one morning a week for an hour and a half.

Sometimes we all need to receive more than give, but sometimes in giving we DO receive.


Anonymous said…
luv this!!and my fav song to wake up to today! Our God is so full of grace!!
Becky said…
well said friend....seriously well said....

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