What kinda fool are you?

I don't know about you, but the book of Proverbs can be a bit depressing for me.

I know all my faults, ok-no elbowing me!, most of my faults...there may be a few lurking that I haven't acknowledged yet...but I don't always know how to DO better. I tried for years to fix me on my own-to quit smoking, to be nicer, to become more graceful, to have neater penmanship (ok, that one I have done). Fixing me just isn't that easy.

Pastor George described 3 types of fools found in Proverbs-
  • Simple one: basically a gullible follower whose life choices depend on the crowd he hangs with
  • Garden-variety Fool: closed-minded, self-centered person
  • Mocker: scornful, prideful jerk

GULP! Which one am I?

What I appreciated is that he also pointed out people don't plan to set out on a journey to be a fool. How many times has a friend approached you for advice on how to become a more self-centered jerk? I have never had that experience, either.

But what I have experienced is the challenge of trying to outgrow some self-centeredness. This is where we started: how difficult it is to change.

Just when I was about to give up in frustration and self loathing and find a church that could tell me the secret of change, we were let in on the answer...it's the Gospel.

God has been caring for us goofballs since Adam and Eve first realized they were naked. He saw their need and lovingly clothed them. He has pursued us thru the ages, spoken thru prophets and sacrifices, and ultimately showed up in his most lavish example of love, Jesus. When we hear Him, when we turn away from all the junk that we thought made us safe and secure and happy, when we release that junk to go to Him, something changes in us. He changes us.

Now, I know my life is different today than B.C. (Yes, I meant Before Christ.), altho some things are still challenging. Or maybe it is just that I am still growing, still changing. I hope so. Sounds like a mission statement...


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