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Today has been a yucky day.  Maybe it is the time change messing with my sleep.  Maybe it was the full moon.  Maybe it is my hubby going back to night shift.  Maybe it is....a million other things, but I am stuck in a funk.  Somewhere between tired and sad, I find this blandness.  No use fighting anymore.  It's all uphill anyway.  Resistance is futile.  (No wait, that's the Borg.)

So what is a person to do when nothing seems right and everything seems out of place?

I choose to remember.

I remember what is was like before...before Him...when all was black and every day was a rerun...

And then I remember the process, the thawing, the recovery, the discoveries:

In the midst of this unsettledness, a friend wrote to me, "God usually is up to something when there is chaos, and chaos is not crisis. We don't like chaos. We want control, but God calls us to be people of faith willing to follow Him into some of the most chaotic places."

I will wait on Him this time, knowing He rescued me before, confident that He will not leave me now.  I will remember His mercy.  I will remember His grace.  I will remember His persistence, and He will remember me for mine.

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Good post.
I've had my share of days like you describe. Remembering and deep breaths is a good way to get through them.

In ... out ... in ... out - breathing deep
Helen said…
" I will remember His mercy. I will remember His grace. I will remember His persistence, and He will remember me for mine."
Good things to remember.
Peter P said…
The Borg scare me silly!

Don't ever stop remembering!

Thanks for this wonderful post.
Anonymous said…
"I remember what is was like before...before Him...when all was black and every day was a rerun..."

Yes, remembering 'those' dark days is what can help us through 'these' difficult ones!

I agree, God is usually up to something.... hope you get to know what it is, soon!

Thank you, Jaime.
Just use those times to rest in the Lord, no matter how sad or out of sorts, you are right like the song says "just wait". Waitng is an important part of life.
Wow, this was so comforting. I found you at the perfect time in my day. Thanks for your wonderful "rememberings."

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